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Frequently Asked Questions

Closed for the 2023 Season

Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year!

We will see you next year!

What forms of payment are accepted? 

We accept cash or check only. We can not accept any type of credit or debit due to lack of reliable cell signal in our area.


What are your prices?

  • Trees and Treestands:  Trees prices range from $50 to $150, based on species and size. Each tree has been individually tagged with its price in the field. Tree Stands are $50

  • Wreaths and Grave Pillows  Wreaths prices start at $40 price, ascending in price depending on size and amount of decoration added.  Grave Pillows are $54. You may Pre-Order Wreaths, Grave Blankets, and Swags beginning in November 10th by calling 765-566-2350. We do not sell grave blankets.

  • Gift Shop: We have a large stock of items in our gift shop with a variety of prices. See our gift shop page for more info.

What species of trees do you have?

 During the 2023 Season we have Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir, and Scotch Pine.


What is your weather policy? 

The Farm is open light rain or snow, but will close if weather becomes too dangerous to drive, i.e fields are too icy or we can not run our equipment. If we have to close due to icy roads, or other unsafe conditions, we will update our facebook page.


Is Cruise In Trees handicap accessible?

The Christmas tree farm is a working farm with natural terrain. We have no paved walkways, but we have made every effort to create paths free of roots and debris, but guests must be aware of natural terrain at their own liability.  Guests frequently bring strollers, children’s wagons, and wheelchairs into the farm.  We will do our best to help guests with disabilities enjoy their experience at the farm to the fullest. Handicap parking is located across from the country store, so please display your placard upon entering and the parking attendants will direct you. 


Do you have restrooms?

Portable restrooms are available.

Are you Pet Friendly?

Yes!  We love furry friends, but we ask all animals be on a leash at all times and you clean up after your pet.  Doggy bags are also available for free in the gift shop.


Do you charge for parking?

No, Parking is free. Guests are not permitted to bring or use hover boards, segways, or their own golf carts or ATVs on the Cruise In Trees property. 


What happens if you sell out of trees?

We will update our Facebook page as soon as possible, followed quickly by the website.  

What is your Professional Photography Policy?  

We encourage our customers to please take lots of personal photos! The farm is a great backdrop for colorful shots of your children and family, and we love being tagged on Facebook and Social Media!  

However, Professional Photographers are not to conduct sessions on our land without prior permission from owners.  Professional photo shoots create traffic jams, are unsafe around our four wheelers, and tie up scenic locations.  If professional photographers would like to request permission to do a session on the farm, please download this form and follow the instructions. Please note that professional photography permission will only be allowed before Thanksgiving and after Christmas. Professional photographers in violation of policy will be escorted from the property. 

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